Ever since the company was founded in Odense in 1978 Scan has focused on offering their customers the best wood-burning stoves on the market, paying particular attention to design, innovation, and user-friendliness.

For Scan it is not just about warmth, but about delivering a perfect flame, enclosed in a design-conscious piece of furniture to suit the majority of homes. The combination of Danish design, brave ideas, and an eye for detail has turned Scan into a leading brand in wood-burning stoves.

Their factory is in Denmark, where they have total control of the raw materials, production and the finished product. This is how they guarantee their customers a positive experience many years down the line.

Only using Danish designers, Scan stoves are easily recognisable by their clean lines and attention to detail. Focusing on modern designs and constantly pushing forwards means that your Scan stove will not just be an excellent source of heat, but also a wonderful piece of furniture for your home.

Stoves such as the Scan 66 are at the forefront of design and have been recognised with numerous design awards. Now also available in white enamel, the choice of 3 different stands or to have the stove mounted on the wall gives you the range of options to ensure that the stove not only complements your home but stands as a focal point for the room.

If you are looking for an inset stove then Scan has several options, including the DSA 12. This is a double sided inset stove meaning you can enjoy the flames from 2 different rooms at the same time, or, if installed in its only custom built island, can provide a central focal point in a larger room.

The Scan 83 and 85 stoves are available in a range of colours, from the traditional black to the stunning glossy red. New for this season, the Scan 83 can also be customised with coloured panels, allowing you to create a stove unique to your room.