Hearth finishes

We can fit a range of hearth finishes to suit your home and your new stove. Some stoves suit a rustic finish of brick or stone. Others look amazing with a gloss granite or glass finish.

The most common type of hearth we fit is slate. This can come either honed to a smooth finish or left with the natural texture of the slate, known as riven. Slate is only available in one colour, however, with the application of a slate oil you can darken the stone to near black as well as protect it from dirt and water ingress.

For a luxurious look, many people choose a granite hearth. Granite is available in many different finishes, from plain black to coloured marble, and can be honed for a matt finish or polished for a high gloss finish.

We can also install brick hearths for a more tradition feel. For modern freestanding stoves a glass hearth, available in many different shapes and sizes, may be more suitable.

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