Pre insulated twinwall chimney systems are the most common method of creating a flue where no masonry breast exists. Depending on the nature of the installation, it can usually be installed in one day and can be run internally or externally.

Colour options

The chimney can be powder coated in any colour. It is common to colour match internal sections to the stove, usually black but also white and grey.

Where the chimney is run externally, it is possible to introduce a second colour: for example, brown to match your brickwork, bright red to stand out, grey for very modern homes or left in stainless steel.

On display in our showroom is a fully black flue run from our Broseley eVolution 26 boiler stove, a fully white flue run from our white Scan 83 and a “Pillbox Red” external section to our Jotul F3 stove. We also have coloured samples of flue in a selection of the eight Charnwood stove colour options.

False Chimney Stacks

For reasons of preference or necessity, for example if you are in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is possible to install a very convincing false chimney stack. This costs around £200 more than a standard terminal and is available in a variety of colours and finishes, including a number of brick finishes.

We have on display in our showroom an example of an internally run twinwall system with a cream false chimney stack. We also have samples of the different brick finishes available.

Airtite – for New Build Properties

Cheminées Poujoulat are a high quality European manufacturer of chimney and flue products encompassing both domestic and commercial system. Poujoulat are at the forefront of chimney systems and have worked to find products compatible with new build and airtight properties.

Their latest product, Airtite, is specifically for stoves in modern homes, where ventilation is required but will ultimately compromise the efficiency of the property.

Rubber flashings around the Airtige system prevent any draughts from outside entering the living space. Pair this with a direct air kit for your stove and you have a compliant system installed with no additional air inlets. An example of this system forms part of our showroom chimney display.