HETAS recommends that a sweep of your chimney is carried out at least once per year to ensure the ongoing safety and performance of your stove. We offer two service options to help keep your stove installation in perfect working order:

1) Chimney Sweep

We will clean your chimney and provide a certificate to show this has been done by a competent person - £50 inc VAT. We can sweep additional chimneys on the same visit for £25 inc VAT per chimney.

2) Stove Service and Sweep

As well as cleaning your chimney we can clean out and check your stove to make sure it is still in a safe condition. This includes replacing any rope seals or silicone sealants as required. Chimney sweep and certificate are included. This combined option is £95 inc VAT. Additional stoves are charged at £50 inc VAT per appliance if they are swept and serviced in the same visit.

We have appointments available from June onwards. If you would like to arrange an appointment please call or email us to arrange an appointment.