Pumice is a volcanic rock formed when lava solidifies rapidly. It possesses unique features which make it extremely suitable for use as a chimney product.

  • Minimal thermal expansion reduces the possibility of cracking and structural damage that can occur with other products.
  • A natural insulator, able to maintain the temperature of flue gases unlike other chimney materials which allow temperatures to fall below the dew point. This makes it ideal for wood burning stoves.
  • Pumice is strong yet lightweight allowing one person to lift and build the chimney units.

There are 2 different pumice systems available. The first is a modular block system that incorporates a square block with an integral liner. This is suited to new build homes or creating a new chimney in an existing home. Where the chimney protrudes from the roof you would use a traditional brick around the pumice to give the desired finish.

The second system, a round liner, can be used in new build homes or existing/new chimneys. If being used to create a new flue then a traditional brick or block chimney must be built around this liner. If you already have a chimney you can make it as new by installing the round liner inside, sealing off any cracks or leaks that your chimney may have had.