About Us

The Stove Hub is part of The Heating Hub, a company we founded 8 years ago to provide domestic heating services.

As our stoves business has grown year on year, we felt it needed its own website and a dedicated team within The Heating Hub. Our showroom is still on King Street in Rochester and we all still work together as a team, but it has now taken on an identity of its own.

As part of our growth we have invested in the showroom to display more beautiful stoves, traditional, modern and uber modern, in order to offer a wider range of choice. Via this dedicated website we also have the opportunity we can give more guidance on every aspect of purchasing and owning a stove. 

We want to open up the process of installing a stove and offer long term assistance with running it and looking after it. As well as our ever popular Guides to: Stove Costs; Stove Installation and Stove Quality, we are continually adding new guides, for example Stoves in Modern Homes, Stove Maintenance and Smoke Control Areas. 

A key crossover area between our stoves business and heating business is boiler stoves. As a heating company that installs boiler stoves, rather than a stove company that sub contracts plumbing, we come at the system from the right side. Our heating expertise is applied to our boiler stove designs to achieve a professional installation that meets our customers’ criteria.